Black cherry almond Persian fesenjoon

Over Here, I wrote about Fesnjoon; one of the most traditional Persian dishes of all time. Here; I have yet another modern twist to classical version. As usual, it is worth to mention that this is not a typical dish found in Persian kitchens and is kinda the mad scientist twist to the classic!


1 cup sliced almond, soaked over-night
1 cup black cherry, seeded and halved
½ cup barberries, soaked over-night
1 cup of chicken stock
½ kg chicken thighs or Cornish hen
Salt and pepper and vinegar to season
2 TBSP canola oil
1 TBSP rich saffron solution
1 Lemmon, juiced
1 Star anise pod and 3 dried chilies(optional)

mise en place (or at least some parts of it!)

With my beloved BlendTech, I finely pureed almonds, barberries and cherries followed by the stock to  loosen  down into a saucy consistency 

Looked gorgeous! 

I browned the Cornish hen in really hot pan 

And seasoned with salt, pepper and drops of Sherry vinegar

Then added the BlendTech mixture!

Seasoned with salt and pepper and also spiced it up

Adjusted the taste with lemon juice. This is really up to your taste and also very much depends on your ingredients such as cherries and barberries 
This could be either braised or very slowly stewed with a lid on 
Finishing touches!