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فهرست ممتازترین دستورهای کافه شمشیری

اینجا چکیده ای از بهترین دستورهای سایت به زعم نگارنده رو داریم. آرشیو فخمیه سایت، چون صدفی پر در، حاوی دستورهای بی شماری هست و لذا انتخاب این لیست برای بنده بسیار سخت بود. معیار گزینش، یادآوری لذت چشایی بنده پس از صرف غذای مورد نظر و استقبال عمومی خوانندگان از دستور مورد نظر بود. اگر دستور دیگه ای طی این سالیان دراز نظر شما رو جلب کرده، وارد منوی ثابت شما شده، و یا خاطره خوشی برای شما خلق کرده همین جا کامنت بدید و سایرین رو از این مهم مطلع سازید.  1)انواع  خوراک با گوشت بره: i.ماهیچه، ران،  یا شانه بره:  باقالی پلو با ماهیچه گوسفند آبگوشت کشمیری رون بره پروونسال به روش سو-وید شونه گوسفند با نخود و آب انار ران گوسفند تنوری بریونی (غذای اصفهانی) مدرن~تلیت کشک نوین ماهیچه گوسفند بِرِیز شده در شیر ii.گوشت بره چرخ کرده: کوفته بره با ادویه جات معطر و سس ارده و لیمو میت بال پسته و ترخون با سس انار کوفته ترکی~سس نان و گردو میت بال یونانی در سس لیمو کباب تابه ای یونانی

Slow-cooker lamb biryani

The origin:

Linguistically, the word biryani is obviously a Persian one and from a historical point of view: the dish is thought to have found its way towards Indian kitchen from Persia via Mongol Kings whom attacked and conquered both countries.
The term "dum cooking method" in Indian cuisine refers to steaming food within a sealed clay pot. There also is a similar Persian word for this method: "Dam" . The same word is used for the method Iranian rice is cooked. In my BLT Tah-dig post, I fully explained the method. This method is called "dam kardan"(kardan is the verb meaning "to do").  Furthermore, The word Dumpukht is also Persian, meaning 'Steam-cooked' and is a popular method in Persian cooking and is usually referred to mixed pillaf dishes .
 Using clay pots is also very popular in Iran and in some traditional dishes like dizy that is  a soup slow cooked in a clay pot. 
Here I used my clay pot slow-cooker to imitate the dum cooking process. The result I have to say is not to bad! Here is my recipe for biryani:.


2 cup basmati rice, divided
¼ cup vegetable oil(ghee optional)
2 lamb shanks
1 TBSP sugar
1 TBSP cumin
1 TBSP chili powder
1 TBSP gram masala
1 TBSP curry powder
1 onion, finely chopped
1 TBSP garlic, finely chopped
1 TBSP ginger paste(or grated)
1 green chili(2 jalapeno peppers), finely chopped
2 TBSP coriander (cilantro), finely chopped
2/3 cup yogurt
12 cloves

5 star anise pods
Couple of new potatoes
Chopped tomato
Chopped lime

First things first! I boiled one cup of rice till al dante but not fully cooked. Drain when ready to use. 

I browned the lamb shanks and put them in the clay pot .

I added sugar and all the spices to the same pan that shanks where browned in. heated for a minute to get the oil infused with the spices.

Then added onion, garlic and ginger. heated for 5 minutes on medium heat until vegetables are soft and translucent.
Chilies, coriander, potatoes, tomatoes and lime wedges were added as well. heated for a minute.

I finally added yogurt, mixed well and turned the heat off.

I poured the mixture on top of shanks, spreading evenly 

Cloves and star anise give this incredibly earthy and smokey flavor to the dish so do not skip them!
Then I evenly spread the other half of the rice(uncooked). since this rice is in direct contact with the wet matter, I found it  best uncooked  as opposed to the other half that should be parboiled .
Finished with the drained half of rice.

Parchment paper and a heavy dish to trap the steam

Another security layer to keep the steam inside! This is dum cooking!
Six to eight hours on the lowest possible heat!

This meat was fall-off-the-bone-tender!


Behnaz said…
Mishe modele aram pazetoono bedoonam lotfan?
Behnaz said…
Mishe modele aram pazetoono bedoonam lotfan?