Aged vinegar

This spring I traveled to LA California to visit my cousins. In Farhad's house in Beverly hills, I had this amazing simple salad with a very deeply flavored vinaigrette. When I asked him about his secret, he took me to his pantry where he ages vinegar for at least two years.
To age your vinegar, add garlic(the whole pulp or the garlic taste will be aggressive), any herb you fancy(I love tarragon), onion and apple(this cuts the acidity and is the secret tip) then boil and keep at least for 6 months.
I don't now where I gonna be in 6 months but if you do try to try this.

یکی از بهترین سالاد های عمرمو تو خونه پسر داییم تو بورلی هیلز
خوردم. وقتی ازش درباره راز سالادش پرسیدم یه راست منو برد تو انبار جایی
که سرکه دو سالش رو نشونم داد

برای درست کردن این سرکه باید سیر ،پیاز و
سبزیجات معطر(من عاشق ترخونم) رو با یکی دو عدد سیب قرمز(این خیلی حیاتی یه
چون طعم خیلی ملایمی به سرکه می ده) رو بجوشانید و به مدت حداقل شش ماه در ظرف
در بسته نگه دارید. من از شش ماه دیگم خبر ندارم ، ولی شما حتما این سرکه رو درست کنید


sakura said…
Thanks a lot for sharing this great recipes. I'm going to get the Ingredient for this great looking vinegar. I've got this silly questions:

1)What kind of vinegar I need to use? 2) What about onion? Should it be red or white?

Doozel said…
This is my second post, I realise that I was not very descriptive and comfortable with the readers those days.
Anyway, as you will flavor the vinegar you do not need fancy expensive one. I'd say white wine vinegar is the best. White onion is sweeter so I'd use that if I was supposed to make this vinegar.