Modern Persian Courgette(Zucchini) stew

Here I have a modern Persian Courgette stew. Technically speaking, it is: braised ribs in my homemade brown stock, saffron poached Courgette and broiled tomato. I served it with Persian rice and  came with a new idea for Persian Tah-dig(crispy rice on bottom of the pan). The idea of this Tah-dig is from my friend and
colleague writer chef Leila Manoochehry. I would like to dedicate this post to her...

On braising:

In his book, The French laundry cookbook, the legendary chef Thomas Keller describes braising as:
To create something more than you start with. A filet mignon is a  filet mignon -there's little difference between the raw meat and the cooked meat. but short ribs, veal breast-they become completely different entities after they're cooked. They transcend themselves developing a full , complex, satisfying taste and aroma.

For Braised Ribs:
500 Kg boneless beef ribs
flour, salt and pepper to dredge
1 zucchini
1 medium onion
Brown stock(enough to cover 2/3 of height of ribs)

For poached zucchini:
2 zucchinis, cut bouquetiere
1 cup chicken stock
1 TBSP butter
1 TSP saffron solution

For broiled tomato:
cherry tomato
clarified butter

For Persian Fancy Tah-dig:
Semi-cooked and drained rice
flour tortilla
clarified butter
saffron solution

To infuse the flavor, I added a chopped zucchini to the braising liquid

I dried my meat with a towel before browning 

Then dredged pieces in seasoned flour and browned 

Then added to braising vessel 


Once again!

Braising time is a function your meat size and altitude of your living area as well as  some more variables. After 2 hours, I checked my meat and it was not ready. so I gave another half an hour and that worked! Braising temperature by the way was 180C

For poached zucchini, I added all the ingredients to a sauce pan. and set the heat on low

When zucchini was tender and about to be ready, I increased the heat to reduce the sauce
To make fancy tah-dig, I cut some flour tortilla into strips and dredged in the remaining oil from browning

Then fit them into my muffin pan and added some semi-cooked and drained rice. You will find some instructions about the method for cooking Persian rice in this post. I also added a few drops of saffron solution to the rice in the pan

I put it in the same braising oven for half an hour. 

And finally I assembled my dish