Our fancy Tah-dig!-ته دیگ فانتزی

گاهی وقتها می شه با ساده ترین مواد ، شیک ترین غذاها رو درست کرد

این هم یه ته دیگ از من (دوزل) با ایده ای که شف لیلا به من داد 

Leila Manoochehry
Pastry Chef


I wish I could dig in this dish! Absolutely perfect. Contrast between colors and flavors. You have all the culinary necessary component in you dish ( chewy, crunchy, tender and moisture dance together to please every palate.
Doozel said…
I have to appreciate the idea you gave me for Tah-dig, that was a very important missing piece. This dish is a modern Persian zucchini stew and all is about perfection. I will post that soon! I really am proud of you and getting to know you has definitely taken my cooking to the next level. So keep the good job going
mohamad said…
khoshbe hale oonayi ke axe haro rahat mibinan ma ke natonestim.ey ba ba.
Doozel said…
اگه ایران هستید ممکنه نتونید عکس ها رو ببینید. باید از فیل تر شکن استفاده کنید