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My cookbook: "Tehran to New York"

On the Norouz day of 2020 spring, I finally published my book. The manuscript is titled: "Tehran to New York: A culinary bridge between Persian and Western cultures" and aims at presenting a unique blend of classic and contemporary Persian recipes, as well as samples of Western-style cuisine, offered in a Persian context. It is important to build bridges between cultures, and not walls. This book aims at constructing a bridge between the Persian and Western cultures. The book may be ordered here:  

Green garlic strained yogurt

"Ma'st-e kiseh" literally means "Bagged yogurt." The phrase seems to be originated form the traditional method of preparation, for which yogurt was hung in cotton cloth bags for hours and until thick. The popular Persian condiment is usually served as an appetizer or afternoon snack along with crackling flatbread. The Arabic "Labneh" is basically the same product with a different name.
"Maast-o-moosir” is a popular variation form of the Persian style strained yogurt. "Moosir" is the sun-dried root of a member of onion family, with the botanical name of Allium Hirtifolium, used specifically to flavor this dip. Presented here is my spring version of the dip, containing green garlic. In case the spring is far gone, or, deep on the horizon, green garlic can be replaced with ramps, or for a less elaborate twist, with a combination of scallions and a clove of garlic.

2.2 Pounds (~ 1 kg) Greek or non-Greek yogurt (the fat percentage of which also depending on personal preference)
1.76 Oz (~50 gr) green garlic
Salt to season

Finely puree the green garlic with the minimal amount of water. The added water will be stained out along with the whey and its volume will not affect the final result; it, however, affects the speed of straining process.
Mix the garlic puree with the yogurt and season. In the likely case that you taste harsh garlic sharpness, do not worry. The acid in yogurt does mellow such sharp and bitterness.
Pour the yogurt mixture in coffee filter and strain overnight. As soon as the yogurt is thick, the dip is ready. The strained whey is protein rich, highly nutritious, but terribly acidic. It sometimes used as an acid source in Persian cooking. It can also be added to warm milk to make homemade yogurt. 
The way my traditionalist mom used to do it! Hung in a clean piece of cloth.
The dip is also an excellent spread, to be used in sandwiches or on pizza slices.