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My cookbook: "Tehran to New York"

On the Norouz day of 2020 spring, I finally published my book. The manuscript is titled: "Tehran to New York: A culinary bridge between Persian and Western cultures" and aims at presenting a unique blend of classic and contemporary Persian recipes, as well as samples of Western-style cuisine, offered in a Persian context. It is important to build bridges between cultures, and not walls. This book aims at constructing a bridge between the Persian and Western cultures. The book may be ordered here:  

Persian rhubarb, parsley and mint stew

Here I have a spring stew from the mountainous parts of Iran. The dish is similar to celery stew  with the exception of celery and limes, substituted with  rhubarb.

7.05 Oz (~200 gr) Italian parsley with stems, finely chopped
3.52 Oz (~100 gr) mint,  finely chopped
14.1 Oz (~400 gr) rhubarb, divided
1 medium yellow onion, finely chopped
1.1 Pounds (~500 gr) lamb shanks (or beef ribs)
1/2 TSP turmeric
1/2 TSP ground cardamon
Pinch of saffron
2 cups brown beef stock (or water)

Following the instruction in Persian celery, parsley and mint stew, replace rhubarb with celery. The only minor difference is in the roasting (or broiling) of half the rhubarbs and adding at the end and when plating in order to enhance the color balance of the dish.
Brush the rhubarb pieces with a mixture of oil and honey. In a pre-heated oven (max heat) bake for 10-15 minutes, or alternatively broil for five minutes.

Add on top of the stew and serve.