Persian 1390 new year's dish

Persian herb oil basted cod served with Persian herb baked rice, ko-ko sabzi croquettes and barberry foam

On Norooz:
Norouz is rebirth of nature, literally meaning a "new day" and always happens in equinox and is the beginning of the Persian new year!. As the spring is the most natural and realistic event to begin a new year with, it dates back to ancient Persian empires time and since then Norouz has been celebrated.

On Norooz food:
From a strictly gastronomic point of view,  new year food for the occasion is ko-ko sabzi and herb pilaf with white fish. Green being the dominating color for both dishes to be compatible with the occasion and time being
Here I try to combine both dishes and give them a modern twist as well.

ko-ko sabzi croquettes:

For these croquettes, I added gelatin to the traditional batter and deep fried the breaded scoops.

1 cup chopped Persian ko-ko herb mix(dill, parsley, Chinese chives,  coriander)
2 eggs
salt and pepper to season
1 pack of gelatin
egg+flour+panko for breading
oil for deep frying

I blended my herb

Then added the eggs and blended to incorporate some air

Then added the dissolved gelatin 

Rich an creamy

I poured the mixture in a vessel deep enough to make scoops out of it. And put it in fridge

This is how it looked like after a night in the fridge!

Then set up a frying station

 dredged in flour

Then the egg
And finally in panko breadcrumbs

I deep fried the scoops in hot oil

Persian herbed cod and herb baked rice :

 Sabzi -polo-mahi is the most traditional dish of new year, literally meaning herbed pilaf with fish. Here I give some twists to the dish:
4 fillets of Cod
1 cup Persian herb mixture for rice(dill, parsley, Chinese chives,  coriander and fenugreek)
1 cup of canola oil
2 cup basmati rice
salt and pepper to season

I blended some cold canola oil with half of the herb mixture. Cold oil ensures a well-mixed oil 

Well-mixed as promised 

I combined my semi-cooked and drained rice with the other half of herb and couple of spoons of the above herb oil. For more about Persian rice cooking read this post! Then baked them in a 180C oven for 20 minutes

Made sure that the pan is hot

Then cooked my seasoned cods for 30 second one side only

Then added the herb oil and basted couple of spoons of hot oil on top to finish cooking 

Barberry foam:

1/2 cup barberries
1 cup water
1 TSP butter
1 TSP sugar
1 TSP lecithin
To finish the dish, I made this fancy acidic foam. I soaked the dried berries in half cup of water two hours earlier and drained. Then in a pan I warmed up the berries with butter and added sugar and seasoned with salt and white pepper. Off the heat, I added the other half a cup of water and lecithin and blended with stick blender. I used the foam....


"Good food is like music you can taste, color you can smell. There is excellence all around you. You need only be aware to stop and savor it."
and that is what you do Doozel!
mahshid said…
واقعا کارتون تکه .. همیشه خواننده ی وبلاگتون هستم .. اما اینقدر کارتون عالیه و حرف نداره که حتی خجالت می کشم به عنوان یه خواننده ی کوچیک تشکر کنم ....

اما به عنوان یه خواننده و عضو کوچیک این وبلاگ که خیلی چیزها یاد گرفته این جمله رو باید حتما براتون می نوشتم که :

واقعاااااااااااااااااااااا ممنونم...
Doozel said…
Thank you Leila
As this had so many components, I did not do it twice. So If I'd to do it again , I would put less foam.
My main goal was to use as many techniques as possible and bringing new ideas on table. In the Persian post, I highlighted many important issues in red bold word!
Yes! In Iran people still serve fish with bones and way overcooked and call it the national new year meal. Which is NOT good and unacceptable
Doozel said…
مرسی خانم مهشید