My scrambled eggs fest!

For as far as i remember, I had problem with making perfect scrambled eggs. I would always end up with a crumbly mass and a pond of separated water running underneath. After accidentally watching this amazing video by Gordon-I actually was looking for something else in you tube- I knew where my problem was; Overcooking!. The trick is to move the pan on and off the heat to make sure that temperature does not go so high. Having discovered the truth, I designed these three variations to what Gordon does in the video:
Case1-Indian influenced with mango, gram Masala and sour cream. 

We are off the heat so it is safe to add the cream:

And here is my Indian Mango scrambled eggs:
Case2-Kiwi and sun-dried tomatoes with double cream:
 Sweetness of tomatoes was well balanced with sourness of kiwi. Just salt and black pepper to season.

Case3-Italian version with cream replaced by Alfredo sauce. This turned like a kind of deconstructed carbonara dish.
I mixed some olive oil with the Alfredo to make my salad dressing, I liked this one the most. Cause whatever that comes from Italy is the best!

And that was the end of a fest! Nine eggs and a lot of cream in two days.


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